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Our Focus

Features, Documentaries, and Television Productions, Consignment and Spec Feature Length Film Scripts, Professional Script Readers & Coverage Reports, and Independent Film Production Assistance.



Unsolicited Scripts will not be kept on file, and continued submission of unsolicited scripts will result in your email address being blocked from our site. 


To apply for any of the listed positions, please provide your Name, E-Mail address, the title of the position you are applying for, and submit your information via this site.  An H.R. representative will contact you with additional information.

You may also email your resume and application request to:  H.R.OceanFilmProductions@gmail.com

Thank you.

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Completed Scripts and Film Work Portfolios

Due to contractual agreements with our Writers and Production staff, we NO LONGER list completed works on our site.

For additional information regarding receiving a copy of sample works, please contact Carol Philips, Human Resources Director at h.r.oceanfilmproductions@gmail.com

Or feel free to submit your request via this site, on our contact message board.

Thank you.